Total Dissolved Solids

test water suspended or dissolved in water conductive material concentration. The measure unit is ppm.


Part Per Million

total solid contain of per unit.



measure water substances oxidize process. The measure unit is mv.


Kinetic Degradation Fluxion

KDF is a high purity, fine granular copper and zinc alloy.

PH Rate

PH is to distinguish acidity or basicity. It affected by PH concentration, PH =-log[H+]. PH rate is 7 = nutral, PH rate >7=basicity, PH rate < 7 = acidity.


Water quality eutrophication

It’s a phenomenon of water pollution, which happens when chemical largely been use. The nitrogen increased exceed to 0.3ppm,antheridium increased to exhaust the Oxygen in water which killed organism such as fish in water.


Free Radicals

Singular ion which needs other ion to become a pair. Often taken by pulled protein, carbohydrates, sugars, fats and other beneficial substances undermine the body’s cell membranes, protein and nucleic acid resulting in the accumulation of lipid peroxide.

So that the body of useful features gradually disappeared, and the free radical chain reactions accelerated aging and cause disease as the source of sickness.



CE -safety qualified which widely used in European Union.

UL(Underwriter Laboratories Inc.)



NSF(National Sanitation Foundation)

re-name「NSF International」,brief : NSF

Found in year 1990 USA, NSF is trust by EPA & WHO,Owing to the research plan with EPA, NSF certificate is widely known world-widely.

FDA(U.S. Food and Drug Administration)