Undersink Direct Flow RO System-TWRO

  • 1st stage NSF certified PURETRON 5 Micron PP Sediment Filter
  • 2nd stage PURETRON carbon media, Carbon Block Filter
  • 3rd stage NSF certified PURETRON1 Micron PP Filter
  • 4th stage 300/500GPD RO membrane
  • 5th stage Post carbon filter
  • 6th stage: UV lamp 1GPM / 10" in-line BIO ceramic filter / 10" in-line Mineralize filter (Option)
  • With ceramic faucet
  • With installation kits
  • Dimension: L38x W21x H49cm
  • 300GPD RO membrane x1pc / 500GPD RO membrane x1pc
  • With high flow RO booster pump