Cabinet Style Water Softener System

How Softeners Function

Put hard water into the softener(with resin), through the carbonate-compound ion exchange resin, the water absorption of magnesium calcium release from the substitution of sodium ions, able to turn hard water into soft water.

TRIWIN softener containing the salt bucket (sub-automatic or manual) used to backwash the resin to sustain softener for do effective and permanent use. Ancient time, softener used in Europe and the United States as the daily necessities of life; on one hand,the use of soft water can prevent home pipe scaling, corrosion. On the other hand, it can save home washing, laundry and other expenses. The water softener has also been suggested to clean the body and hair. The use of hard water with shampoo,bath, hardness material remains in the skin on the scalp, causing uncomfortable feeling. Use soft water bath can make you feel particularly relaxed and comfortable.