Basic Series Counter Top Water Ionizer

  • Platinum-Titanium Electrolysis Plate, MADE IN JAPAN !
  • Ion Membrane Sheet, MADE IN JAPAN !
  • Stainless steel water spout, MADE IN JAPAN !
  • Filter Media-Activated Carbon Fiber Cloth, NSF Certified ! MADE IN USA !
  • Soft Button Control Panel
  • 7 selectable levels of PH Value — 4 Alkaline, 1 Pure water, 2 Acidic levels
  • Higher absorption efficiency- better than coconut-shell granular carbon, is able to absorb very fine impurities, chemicals, such as chlorine, agriculture pesticides, etc.
  • Automatic Cleansing Design- Double Protection for Electrolysis Chamber\
    • Automatic electrolysis chamber cleansing for 10 seconds after dispensing alkaline water.
    • Automatic sounds alarm for chamber cleansing when dispensing alkaline water exceeds 30 liters
    • Prolongs the service life of electrolysis plates
    • Stabilizes the Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) value & performance