Grooves PP Filter Cartridge

PP Filter Cartridge


Series : GPP-LL-ZZZ-WX


The filter cartridge featured with longer lifespan, more holding capacity, higher removal rating

Features & Benefits:

  • Three-layers structure cartridge, increasing holding capacity and longer filter services life.
  • Grooves on outside surface, high void volume, and excellent dirt holding capacity
  • No resins, binders or anti static agents to ensure minimal extractables.
  • Formed by thermal bond without use of any binders and adhesives.


Series No.  GPP-LL-ZZZ-WX
 Type  Grooves PP
 Micron Ratings  1, 5 Micron
 Material of Construction  100% melt-blown micron-denier PP fiber
 Length 9.87”, 10” (251mm, 254mm)
 Inner Diameter  28mm
 Outer Diameter  63mm