ACF filter

ACF filter

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Wet-roll forming of composite active carbon fiber technology was first introduced in Japan; it's a

breakthrough technology for carbon fiber filter manufacture industrial.

There are five steps in production: produce materials-store materials-forming-drying-clothing. Base on

different requirements, various materials are used and eventually form it to powder, granule or fiber, and

finally it vacuum formed in the wet raw materials. After drying and clothing, it's ready for water

treatments. Due to this breakthrough technology, various materials can be mixed together to have better

water treatment performance and no high temperature is needed when forming the filter by using this

processing technology. It can also eliminate a lot more toxic materials than traditional filters, boost the

water treatment efficiency and easy to form in different sizes.

The advantages of wet-roll forming filters:

1.Good hydrophilicity, High water flow, No powder leak, No black water and No blockage.

2.Good performance of adsorption, elimination of residual chlorine, heavy metals and degerming.

3. Stability and flexibility.


NSF certified

Customized size with MOQ 3000pcs/order are welcomed.

Inventory available:

Available existing items Specification (ID*OD*L)
Carbon Fiber filter ACF-10 10Φ030mm *65mm*251mm
Carbon Fiber filter ACF-20 20Φ030mm*65mm *508mm
Carbon Fiber filter ACF-10BB 10Φ030mm *110mm *251mm
Carbon Fiber filter ACF-20BB 20Φ030mm*110mm*508mm